Cervical cancer diagnostic tests are used widely for detection of the precancerous or cancerous lesions in the cervix of a female. The cervical cancer diagnostics is the initial screening of the patients, done through Pap smear and HPV testing, in the next stage colposcopy and biopsy are used to further confirm the furthers. After the diagnosis performed successfully the patients then goes through imaging tests to start the grade of cancer.

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Cervical cancer diagnostic test market is witnessing a considerable growth, attributed to the increasing prevalence of cervical cancer in women, worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 270,000 women dies each year due to the cervical cancer; the cervical cancer mortality rate is higher in the developing countries due to improper detection at early stages of the disease. With the rising use of cervical cancer diagnostic tests for the early detection of the cervical cancer, the market is expected to grow at above average growth in coming years.

Based on various types of diagnostic test the global cervical cancer diagnostics market can be broadly classified as, Pap Smear Tests, Colposcopy Tests and ECC Procedures. Based on the various age groups of the patients the global cervical cancer diagnostics market can be broadly classified as 20-40 years and above 40 years.

Some of the predominant driver of cervical cancer diagnostics test market includes weakened immune system of the women in developing countries due to lack of proper nutritional intake, increase infection of human papillomavirus (HPV), and over use of the oral contraceptive pills by the women. lifestyle related factor related factors such as smoking, and having more than one sex partner are also increases the chances of cervical cancer among women which interns driving the cervical cancer diagnostics tests market.

Over-diagnosis and over-treatment are some of the major hindrance to the growth of cervical cancer diagnostic market. Also the Pap screening test has very high false positive results and low sensitivity rate in the cervical cancer detection in recent years. Moreover speculation is also over the inability of HPV tests to distinguish between pre-cancer and self-limiting infection which interns limiting its popularity in recent years.

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The advancement in computer-guided cervical cancer tests to minimize false-negative test. Coupled with improved accuracy is expected to drive the growth of the cervical cancer diagnostic test market in coming years. Lack of awareness towards the symptoms of cervical cancer due to poor women literacy rate in developing countries, in addition with unwillingness of the women to undertake cervical cancer diagnosis are some of the major challenges for the growth of the cervical cancer diagnostic test market.


North America was the largest market for cervical cancer diagnostic test in 2014. The market dominance of North America is attributed to the high awareness of women towards the disease prevention in this region. Asia Pacific is the fasted growing market of cervical cancer diagnostic test attributed to the growing prevalence of the cervical cancer in developing countries, including China, India, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and Australia.


Some of the major players operating in global cervical cancer diagnostics test market include, Abbott Laboratories, Hologic, Inc., Becton, Roche Diagnostics, Dickinson and Company, OncoHealth Corporation, Qiagen N.V., Guided Therapeutics, Inc., Quest Diagnostics, Femasys, Inc., and Zilico Ltd.

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